To help you with GDPR compliance, Hello Talent has built consent tracking features that will help you stay on top of your candidates consent. 

In the GDPR Compliance section of the Organization settings, you will be able to default all new pools to track consent by turning on the toggle. 

When consent tracking is activated, profiles added to new pools will have a consent tracking section where you can see whether the profile has been sent a consent request or has accepted the consent request. 

Not Requested

All new profiles will begin with a Not Requested status. At this point, you can send a request to the candidate as long as there is an email associated with the account. You can set up the default template in the Pool Management settings.


When you have sent a request to the candidate, their consent status will be in Pending status until they accept or reject the request.You can send a reminder to the candidate by sending them another email with a link to their candidate page.


Once a candidate has accepted your consent request to collect their data through the candidate page, their status will turn to Granted status. This status is valid for the data retention period set in the GDPR Compliance section of the Organization Settings. Hello Talent will display when the consent was collected as well as its expiry. When the consent of a profile comes close to expiry, you can renew the consent via email by clicking the Renew consent button. 


A rejected status means that the candidate did not consent for you to store their data. If this happens, you need to anonymize the data immediately. Hello talent gives you the ability to automatically anonymize rejected consents. Otherwise, you can do so manually as well. See our anonymization article for more information. 


A consent status of Invalid means that there was no email address provided in the candidates profile. Once you’d added an email, the status will update to Not Requested.

Retention Period

Since the data retention period can vary according to country within Europe, Hello Talent gives you the ability to control the period of time that you can keep your candidates data. Adjusting this number will affect when the consent statuses change from Granted to Expiring as well as the expiry date calculation. Please note that even if you set the retention period here, it is your responsibility to properly anonymize the data once they have expired. See our anonymization support article for more information.

Setting up Templates

Default templates can be chosen for requesting consent and renewing consent. You can edit these templates in the Email Templates section of the Organization Settings. While you can set a default for you entire organization, individual pools can have their own templates in the Pool Management settings. This means that Email Templates set in the pool settings will take precedence over the Email templates selected in the Organization Settings.

When a template is selected, it will automatically be chosen when you send a consent request or renew a consent request.

It’s important that when you send a consent request or renewal email, you keep the link to their candidate page. Only once the candidate accepts the consent request on the candidate page will the request status update.

If you don’t want to send the request through email via Hello Talent, you have the option to copy the URL of the candidate page and send it to the candidate through your preferred means.

Candidate Page

The candidate page is where the candidate will accept or reject your consent request and this profile specific URL is linked to each profile’s email. Here, the candidate will see personal data you have collected about them including:

  • First and last name

  • Contact information

  • Current position, Current employer, Industry and Location

  • Social Profiles

If a candidate accepts the consent request, the profile will change to Granted consent status. If they reject your consent request, the profile will update to Rejected consent status. By GDPR laws, any rejected consent statuses must be anonymized. See our anonymization support article for more information.

You can personalize the candidate page in the GDPR Compliance section of Organization Setting.


To see which candidates have outstanding consent statuses, Hello Talent has added convenient filters for you to quickly take action.

These filters can be applied and used with the Send email bulk action to quickly request consent to new profiles.

Important: Hello Talent is offering features that helps you simplifying your GDPR consent collection from your candidates, as well as the way to stay always up to date about their consent status, but in order to insure that your GDPR policy is compliant, please refer to your legal department.

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