We have freshened the header on the profile page! We’ve made some small adjustments in order to unclutter this section and allow you to perform your actions easily.

Note: these changes are minor and will not change the way you are used to work on Hello Talent.

What has been changed ?

The layout of the information and the buttons has been changed. From now on, below the candidate's name, only the position and contact details are visible in this section (1). The “actions” and “assigned to” buttons as well as the “ready to move” score have been repositioned horizontally, and a new “followed by” button corresponding to the new Follow a Profile feature has been added (2). Finally, a new Information section has been added (3). This contains all the information about the profile (current employer, location, industry, source, etc.)

You can very easily edit the profile information in the section (3) in the illustration above. To do this, you can click directly on the information you want to edit, or hover your mouse over this section to see the Edit button.

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