Follow a Profile

More than one user can keep track of profiles with the Follow a Profile feature. In the candidate profile, you can receive in-app notifications when changes are made to a profile that you are following. You can also assign other members within your pool to follow the profile. 

How do you follow a profile?

You can follow a profile by going into the candidates profile and selecting your name.

If you would like to follow more than one profile at once, you can use the bulk option in the pool list page to follow or unfollow multiple profiles

How do I unfollow a profile?

If you no longer want to receive notifications about a profile, you can unfollow them by going into their profile page and unselecting your name in the follow button. Alternatively, you can select more than one profile in the pool list page and use the bulk actions to unfollow multiple profiles.

How do I make my teammates follow a profile?

You can add your teammates to follow a profile by selecting their name in the follow button of the profile header. Alternatively, if you leave a comment on the profile and mention your teammates name, they will automatically follow the profile.

Assigning a teammate to a profile will also cause them to follow the profile.

How do I find the profile I’m following?

You can find the profiles you’re following within a pool by using the advanced filters. Please note that this is not available in cross-pool searches.

When do I receive notifications for the profiles I’m following?

Users that are following a profile will receive in-app notifications when:

  • A status changes

  • A comment is added

  • An event is added

  • An email is received

  • A profile is moved to another pool

Can I choose which notifications I receive?

Getting too many notifications? You can change the types of in-app notifications you receive in your profile settings under the Notifications settings

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