What does the "Ready to Move" score mean?

The score is the estimated probability that a candidate in your talent pool will be open to change his position in the next 6 months. 

This information can be used in many ways. For example, if the model predicts a 97% score, this can be interpreted as a 97% probability that the candidate will change the current position they are occupying in the next 6 months. Such a candidate is more likely to be open to new opportunities than a candidate with a lower score.

How is the score calculated? 

The score is calculated using Machine Learning models. The models are trained using a wide range of candidate criteria. It then makes a prediction for each profile, based on hundreds of criteria from the candidate’s CV, such as: skills, education, location, experience, etc. These models constantly evolve and are regularly updated. This ensures that the models always make predictions, taking the most up-to-date conditions into account.  

How do we know if it works? 

We perform wide-ranging tests on the models under a variety of conditions. For one of these tests, we check our predictions against new profiles who recently changed jobs, so we can ensure the accuracy of our models.

How do we know if it works in my location/industry/company size?

Our Machine Learning models are regularly updated to take into account the evolution of wide-ranging factors across the globe. In addition, we also continuously monitor the performance of our models to ensure that our customers get the predictions most suitable to their needs.

Some of my candidates are “Ready to Move.” What should I do with this information?

When your candidates have more than 50% chance of “Ready to Move,” they will show up in your results under the corresponding filter. We suggest that you contact them! 

You can see all your interactions on their wall and create a personalized message based on your past conversations. Or, if you so choose, you can use the generic “Smart Assistant – Follow-up” email template we have provided to reach out to them. 

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