With a newly-upgraded search experience within Hello Talent, not only do you find the right candidates more quickly, but the results you receive are more relevant. 

The design has been revamped to do better searches, from more places, in fewer clicks. The biggest change that you’ll notice is that you can now search across all talent pools, from the homepage. 

The design is clearer, and unnecessary information has been removed. Filters have been added and reorganized so that you can quickly search through the many qualified profiles you have in your pools.

Search features in Hello Talent: 

You can search in any talent pool, directly from the homepage or from within a talent pool. You can search for a specific candidate, skill, tag, status, etc. Results can then be further filtered down on the left-hand side of the page.

> When searching from the homepage: You will automatically search across all pools. 

> When searching from a talent pool: You will search within this pool. 

All search results can be modified by using the filters next to the search results.  

Search results for “adobe” from the Graphic Design talent pool.

Document Search

When you search for a skill or specific keyword (for example, “InDesign”), Hello Talent will automatically search in any document that is attached to a candidate’s profile. 

This will appear in the search results in bold. 

Document search results for “Indesign”  

Use Boolean operators for more precise results

You can take advantage of several Boolean operators to get more precise results, such as AND, NOT, OR and "". These words must be in uppercase letters to work. Learn more about Boolean search.

Profiles tab

All profiles that match your search results will now appear in the “Profiles” tab. If a candidate is in several pools, you will be able to distinguish their different profiles with a colored label.

Search history

To save you time, your search history (keyword and pool(s)) will appear under the search bar so that you can select recent searches in a click.

Search history to easily go back to previous search results      

Quick access to profiles

While typing, profiles that match your search will immediately appear under the search bar. Click on one to go directly to this profile.


You can sift through results by applying the filters that are located to the left of the search results. All applied filters will be displayed for easy reference. 

Search results with several filters applied, visible above the search results. 

Filters include:

  • Pools

  • “Ready to Move” 

  • Status

  • Tags

  • Source name

  • Events

  • Created By

  • Rating

  • Consent 

  • Advanced    

Contextualized search results

When you click on a profile from your search results, they follow you to the next page, to the left of the profile. This avoids having to constantly return to the previous page to consult the other profiles.

Hover over each profile to see which pool the candidate belongs to.


Bulk actions

Tick one or more profiles to complete actions in bulk, such as emailing, adding tags, deleting profiles and more. 

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