Using Boolean operators help you refine your search, directly from the search bar. This saves you time and helps you quickly find very specific profiles across all your talent pools.

The following operators are available in Hello Talent: 

AND – to combine search terms (results contain all terms)

  • Ex: developer AND iOS


NOT – to exclude certain search terms (results return everything except the keyword)

  • Ex: marketing AND "lead generation" AND NOT "social media"

Note: You must use "AND NOT" if you want to combine AND + NOT. For example, 'marketing AND "lead generation" NOT "social media"' will not work. 


OR – to combine search terms (results contain at least one of the terms)

  • Ex: banking OR finance OR "financial services"


QUOTES "" – to search for exact terms (results contain only keywords in the exact same order)

  • Ex: "agile methodology”


( ) – to combine keywords (results read first what in the parentheses, then the other keywords)

  • Ex: product AND (owner OR manager)


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