Sources can be now be tracked using our new, dynamic source tracking tool. This is especially important for reporting purposes, so that you can clearly see how sources performed in your Reports.

Why switch?

  • One URL/email address for multiple sources, no need to create a job opportunity for each source

  • All sources are tracked – if there is no source, it is given the default source (usually “career site”)

How do I track sources?

1/ Go to the Job Opportunities tab from your talent pool.

2/ Enter a source. If you have already defined sources in your Organization settings, they will pop up automatically as you type. Any source can be defined here for tracking purposes. 

3/ Copy the URL or email address and use them for your recruitment campaigns.

Use cases

  • URL: Job fairs – one form for all job fairs, with a different source for each separate job fair (you only have to create one form)

  • URL: Multi-posting – one form or career site, with a different source for each job board

  • Email: On a job board, set the tracked email address as the address that receives applications

  • Email: Forward any CVs received to the tracked email address so that they are tagged with the right source 


What if I’m still using the old, static system?

You can still use the static system, but bear in mind that you will need to create a job opportunity for each source.

How do I switch to the new, dynamic system? 

You will see a pop-up that will prompt you to switch to the new system.

What if I already have job openings that I’ve created for job boards, professional networks etc.?

Let’s say you already have a job opening that you created for a specific website, for example, Indeed. To take advantage of dynamic tracking, you will need to generate a new link for Indeed and update this link in Indeed. That way, all new applications will be properly tagged with the right source.

Where do my links go? 

Hello Talent does not keep the dynamic links you’ve created. However, they do not change. A dynamic link for Indeed will always be the same, whether you created it two months ago or today.

(You'll see ?source=indeed at the end of the URL)

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