At Hello Talent, what we call “Smart Assistant” is a set of intelligent features that help you save time, be more efficient and engage your talent pools.


This AI-powered feature shows you candidates that have a high chance of being open to new opportunities. This allows you to continually re-engage your talent pools, as many candidates are not quite ready to move when you add them. Add tags, job profiles and comments once in the beginning, and benefit from your work multiple times - when you look for a similar profile at a later date. 

Fun fact: 64% of Hello Talent pools are used for more than one recruitment, meaning that these customers keep them open and continually interact with these candidates, and add new ones.

But…how does it work?
Our algorithm  has been designed to take into account a wide variety of factors to predict "Ready to Move" score. Among many, some of the factors taken into account include:

  • Position

  • Length of time at current job

  • Industry

  • Skills

  • Education

  • Languages spoken 

  • Location

Scores are only shown when they are higher than 50%. You will see this score in your search results, as well at the top of a candidate’s profile.

See our FAQ for more questions about Smart Assistant.


This feature runs in the background on your profiles if you have it activated. It searches for your candidate’s social information on the web, and when it finds it, these links will automatically appear on the candidate’s profile.



In order to be compliant with GDPR, we created a tool that automatically keeps your organization in accordance with this law. According to GDPR, candidates must give consent to you using their data.

The Anonymizer runs in the background, and looks out for profiles who have not yet provided consent. Any profile that fails to give consent will be automatically anonymized after 10 days of the initial request. 

This allows you to still be able to use the data for reporting purposes, but all personal information will be erased so that candidates can no longer be identified. 

Learn more about anonymizing profiles

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