Find your reports at the top of the page. These are part of the Premium and Enterprise packages. These allow you to easily understand and improve your recruitment activity. Everything is ready to go—no configuration required!  

There are five reports included in Hello Talent: 

  • Pipeline 

  • Get an overview or pool vision of candidates 

  • Time to Hire 

  • Measure how long each step takes and find bottlenecks in the recruitment process. (Each step is calculated when a candidate moves to the next status.) 

  • Sources 

  • Visualize where all applications come from—online sites, job fairs, conferences, etc. And find which recruiting channels are worth your time and money. 

  • Candidate Acquisition 

  • See how many candidates have applied or have been sourced in a given time period so you can see if you’re becoming more effective with time. 

  • Team Productivity  

  • Compare the number of sourced candidates by recruiter.  


What can I do with Reports?  


Filter by status 

Simply tick or untick the statuses you want to see in your report.  



Filter by pool   

Just like statuses, you can choose to display all or only certain pools.  




Drill through data 

To drill through a graph, that is, to see the people in datasets, click on a bar or segment.  


Click on the “To process” bar to see the people with this specific status. 



See the list of “To process” candidates, with a shortcut to candidate’s profile. 


Export data 

To export data in a CSV format, click on the Export button.  

Note: this is currently only available on the Pipeline and Team Productivity reports.  


Save custom reports 

For Enterprise subscriptions, reports can be saved. This allows you to save specific configurations of pools, statuses and time periods. To save a report, simply click on the Save button and name the report. 

Your reports will then be accessible directly in the Saved tab.  



Download graphs 

To download a graph, click on the hamburger menu at the upper right of the graph. Here, you can choose to download it in a PNG or PDF format, or see it as a data table directly under the graph.  

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