Welcome on Hello Talent!

The homepage is dedicated to all your pools.  

Pools are the fondations of Hello Talent. This is where all your (potential) candidates are. You can organize them by job, skills, position, client or whatever criteria you want. You can also link a pool to a job opportunity to manage applications from there.

On the homepage, you can access to the list of all the pool you created or joined and

  • Add your pools to your favorites ❤️

  • Find your pools 🔍

  • Get an overview of your candidate workflow with statuses 🧐

You can also see other pools that you haven't join yet: in the "Other pools" tab, you can find all the pools from your organization.

  1. Two tabs : one of your pools and another one for the pools you haven't join yet.

  2. The search bar to filter the list of your pools 

  3. Add a pool

  4. Click on the ❤️ to add (or remove) a pool to your favorites - it will pin the pool on the top of the list

  5. This is the number of pool members

In each pool: 

On the left part of your pool, you have the list of all the profiles You can add as many profiles as you want.

On the right part, you have the selected profile is displayed. You can add/edit/remove information here. 

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