In your organization settings, in the "GDPR Compliance" tab, you can access the anonymization options.

Where does the data go when I anonymize a profile?

Anonymization will remove a profile from your profile list, but non-personal data will still show up in reports (for example not losing the total count of profiles you've considered for a position). Plus, if you later add a profile that was previously anonymized, Hello Talent will conveniently show it on the profile, so that you don't contact by mistake someone who you rejected before for example.

Anonymize a specific profile

Click on the action button of a profile, then select "Delete this profile".

You will need to confirm it's deletion by selecting "Yes". If you would not like this profile to show up in your reports, then you can check the "Delete associated data"

Mass Manual anonymization

To manually anonymize your profiles, you can anonymize every profiles created before a chosen date. You can choose to apply it to profiles who rejected a consent request or to all profiles without a consent (Invalid, Not Requested, Requested, Rejected)

Automatic anonymization

If you have an enterprise licence, you can automate the anonymization of profiles who did not give consent after a chosen period of time

Read this article to learn more about Automatic anonymization.

Learn more about Consent Request

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