In your organization settings, in the "GDPR Compliance" tab, you can access the anonymization options.

Where does the data go when I anonymize a profile?

Anonymization will remove a profile from your profile list, but non-personal data will still show up in reports (for example not losing the total count of profiles you've considered for a position). Plus, if you later add a profile that was previously anonymized, Hello Talent will conveniently show it on the profile, so that you don't contact by mistake someone who you rejected before for example.

Anonymize a specific profile

Click on the option button of a profile, then select "Anonymize".

Mass Manual anonymization

To manually anonymize your profiles, you can anonymize every profiles created before a chosen date. You can choose to apply it to profiles who rejected a consent request or to all profiles without a consent (Invalid, Not Requested, Requested, Rejected)

Automatic anonymization

If you have an enterprise licence, you can automate the anonymization of profiles who did not give consent after a chosen period of time

Learn more about Consent Request

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