Do you want to easily tell the world about job opportunities and attract new candidates ?

You can do so with your Hello Talent career site.

To do so:

1.Set up a logo and a background image in your “Organization” tab. These images can be used on all your candidate-facing pages:

  • On your career site homepage

  • On your job opportunities (which are linked from your career site homepage)

  • On candidate pages, where candidates learn about how you process their data and can accept or reject consent to use their data

2. Set up your career site.

  • Change the color theme if the default one doesn’t suit you. This will be used as main color in titles and important information.

  • Edit the company description to really tell what it is about your company that should convince candidates to apply.

  • Toggle the “published” button and view what it looks like by clicking on the URL next to the button.

That’s it, your career site is set up! If you don’t have a published job opportunity yet, now is a good time to add one so that your career site doesn’t look empty.

Your own customized career site

The Hello Talent career site is easy to set up and ready to go in a few minutes.

But if you want to have more control on the customization of your career site for example:

  • Custom styling

  • Custom elements such as videos, testimonials …

  • Integration with your own website

Then it’s possible to use the job list feed for that.

This URL returns a JSON document with the list of open job opportunities in your organization that you can load to show in your own website.

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