Hello Talent provides a feed of all active job opportunities for a given organization, published in a URL like http://app.hellotalent.com/vacancies/>

You can have access to your organization feed URL your organization settings. Click on the cog to the left of your photo > Career site > Advanced > Job feed list.

The feed is formatted in JSON.

Here’s a list of the available information:

Here’s a sample of the result of the call :

[ { "JobTitle":"Marketing Ninja","CompanyName":"Hello Unicorn","Location":"Paris","ContractType":"CDI","Seniority":"5+ years experience","Url":"https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/marketing-ninja-ed18e378c","CreationDate":1509703820427},{ "JobTitle":"director","CompanyName":"Hello Unicorn","Location":"Newcastle","ContractType":"perm","Seniority":null,"Url":"https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/director-ed25ec4e4","CreationDate":1523371491603} ]

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