1. Activate the feature for your pool in the Pool Management Settings.

2. Personalize the candidate page

In the consent email you will sent to your added profiles, you'll find a link to the candidate page. On this page, the candidate can give you his or her consent and see his or her personal data.
This page can be personalized in the Organization settings, in the "GDPR Compliance" section.

3. Add a profile in Hello Talent (manually, by email or with the browser extension).

4. Ask for consent.
Note: The profile needs to have an email address. 

  • Hello Talent provides an email template to request consent. You can change it if you want.

  • It uses placeholders with the profile information and the link to the consent page

  • Alternatively, you can copy the candidate page URL and send it by your own means.

5. The profile gives/do not give his/her consent

  • He/she opens the link you sent 

  • He/she access the consent page

  • He/she agrees or refuses

Logo and banner can be personalized in the organization settings:

6. Check the consent status on his/her profile and in the advanced search

7. Here are the consent follow up workflow that we suggest: 

Happy recruiting!

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