When sending emails to candidates you can use templates as a shortcut to quickly insert a pre-filled block of text. This can be useful when you need to standardize something like a meeting reminder, a follow up message, rejection email, etc. Templates can save you a lot of time, BUT we always recommend avoiding becoming a spammer. Try to keep your messaging as personalized as possible.

How to Create Email Templates

You can create email templates in the Email Templates section of the Organization Settings.

In each template, you can add attachments and use the personalization to pre-fill some information related to profiles or users like firstname, email, etc.

  • Attachments must be collectively under 10MB.

How to Use Email Templates

To use an email template first click the Send Email button on a candidate profile.

In the email screen you will see a template option in the top right corner. Click here to select the template you wish to use.

After selecting a template you can add or edit information as you need. Those changes will only apply to the email you send at that time and will not impact the template for future emails.

Note: This feature is only available to Premium and Enterprise customers.

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