When you are working with other people in your talent pool, sometimes you may want to have one person to be "responsible" for the profile. Or you may want to hand over the qualification to them. Or maybe you are done and another person in your pool is responsible for contacting them.

In Hello Talent, you can assign profiles to any member of your pool. When a person is assigned a profile, they:

  • See a notification in their feed telling them who assigned them the profile

  • Have the rights to copy, move, or archive the profile

All members can assign profiles to other members and even themselves. You can also see all of the profiles assigned to you or other members of the pools in a single click!

Assigning a profile

On each profile, you will see the a place where you can assign the profile. When created, a profile is assigned to nobody.

Click and select the member of the pool you want to assign the profile to.

The person assigned the profile will see a message like this in their Notification feed.

Changing the assignment

To change the assignment, click the picture of the person assigned the profile. You can then choose another member of the community. If you do not want anybody to be responsible for it, click the X. It will return to Nobody.

To see the profiles assigned to you or somebody else

In the advanced search, you can search for:

  • The profiles added by a member of the pool

  • The profiles currently assigned to a member


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