Profiles in Hello Talent consist of information about a person you’ve added to a pool. Generally, these are individuals you are considering for a job. Individuals you have added to a talent pool do not have access to the pool and cannot view theirs, or anyone else's information. 

Profiles can be updated, added, and/or removed at any time. Adding a profile to one pool does not automatically add it to another. If you have one profile in several pools, each version of the profile is isolated from the others. This means that comments, tags, etc. applied to that profile in one pool will not carry over to the same profile in another pool.

Hello Talent detects duplicates within different pools and allows you to copy and move profiles between pools.

Ways to add profiles to a pool:

  • Adding them manually

  • Emailing the pool email address

  • Using a social network and the extension

  • Uploading a list of contacts 

Add a profile manually

Click on the "Add" button at the top right of the pool. 

A profile window appears.

Enter at least the last name for the profile. The profile is created and you can now add any additional information manually.

You can also upload a CV. If you have our CV Parser feature, the profile will automatically be created from the information on the CV. If are interested in the CV Parser, contact us at

Emailing the pool email address

To add a profile by email, simply find the email address of the talent pool and send an email to it with a candidate's documents. You can also forward an email from a job board, for example. 

Note: One email will create one profile. Find out more about this feature in this article.

Using a social network and the extension

  1. Install the Hello Talent extension for Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.   

  2. Go to the social network and find a profile you want to add to your pool.

  3. Click on the extension.

  4. Add additional details if needed

  5. Click "Add new profile" to create the profile in Hello Talent.

Uploading a list of contacts (Bulk import with a CSV file)

If you have previously managed candidates in spreadsheets, can upload this sheet directly to Hello Talent.

Click "Add," then click on the link at the bottom of the box.

The following information is required: 

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Current position

  • Current employer

  • Location

  • Industry

  • Phone number

  • Status (if the status does not already exist in the community, it will be created)

You will receive an email when the import is finished.

Note: Depending on your browser and its configuration, you may need to refresh your browser (press the F5 key) to see the new profiles.

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