Status updates are fully customizable ways of keeping track of what is happening with a talent profile. If you are using a talent pool for active recruiting you can keep track of how someone is progressing as a candidate. If you are using it to put a team together you can use it to note which people have been approved to join the team and when. You can customize the statuses, so how you use them is completely up to you.

When you create a custom status that status is then available for every Talent Profile within a pool. It is not however available in other pools. This allows you to make sure different pools can be used for different tasks.

To see the statuses, click Manage and go to the Status tab.

The standard set of statuses is based on a recruitment cycle, but everything can be changed according to your needs.

You need to be the manager to create or modify the statuses.

To create a new status:

  1. Click Manage and go to the Status tab.

  2. Click Add status.

  3. Enter the name of the new status.

You can also:

  • Change the order

  • Select a color for the status

  • Rename a status

  • Delete a status

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