With Hello Talent, you can easily collaborate with others in your various talent pools. But collaborating with others in the workplace today also depends on using other tools to manage document sharing, real-time chat and so on.

Slack (https://slack.com/) is an extremely popular and free messaging app for teams.

With our new Slack integration, you don't have to leave your messaging app to get messages about important events in your talent pools.

How does it work?

The integration of Hello Talent and Slack allows you to create a dedicated Slack channel where Hello Talent can send you notifications.

What kind of messages from Hello Talent will I see in Slack?

You will see notifications in Slack when the following events occur when:

  • A new candidate profile is added

  • Candidate profiles statuses change

  • Candidates are assigned to a teammate

  • A teammate joins or leaves the pool

  • @Mention notifications in comments

How to I set up the Hello Talent Integration?

Only pool managers can enable the Slack integration.

Click Manage next to the Pool name then click the Integrations tab.

Click Add to slack to authorize your Slack account and choose the channel to post Hello Talent notifications.

You are all done!

The next time things happen in your Hello Talent pool, you will see a notification in your Slack channel!

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