Once a profile has been added to a talent pool you’ll be able to rate and review him/her using a 5 point rating system. Under the profile picture you’ll see five stars, the number of ratings given, and will be invited to rate the profile if you haven’t already done so. Everyone with access to the talent pool can rate the profiles in it. If multiple ratings are given to a given profile the number of stars displayed will reflect the average rating.

To rate a profile:

1) Go to the Timeline block and click Add a comment.

2) Select the number of stars you wish to apply to the profile (minimum of one, maximum of five).

3) If you want, you can write something related to your rating (Why you have given them 3 stars and what for, for instance).

4) Click Post. Your comment is saved and the rating in their profile now takes into account your comments.

5) You can also leave comments without leaving a rating.

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