Job profiles are identical in function to tags, but are used to specify which jobs individuals in a given talent pool have been in before or should be considered for.

If your pool is organized differently, you might not need this type of tag. On the other hand, if it is centered around something like creating a project team for instance, it can be quite helpful. Conducting a search will also allow you to filter based on job profiles.

To create and/or assign a job profile to someone:

1) Find the profile you want to add a job profile to.
2) Click the Add button on the job profile block. This button appears when you mouse your mouse pointer over it.

3) Type the new job profile and click Add.

When typing the job profile, you may see a list of recently used job profiles with similar names. Select one from the drop down menu if you are looking to add an existing job profile.

To remove a job profile, click on the X in the job profile.

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