When important things happen in your communities, Hello Talent send you a message so you do not have to go searching for information.

Your notification feed is here. The number shows the number of unread notifications in your feed.

How it works

Here is an example of a notification:

Each notification has the following:

  • The member of the community carrying out the action (Dustin)

  • A description of the action (added a social profile)

  • The profile and/or other member involved in the action (to the profile Jim)

  • The time the action occurred (an hour ago)

  • The Talent pool (HR Manager)

Here you can see that this notification has not been read. A blue background tells you this. Read notifications have a white background.

To read the notification, you can click on the eye in the upper right corner of the notification or click Mark all as read.

When you click a notification, you are taken to the concerned profile.

The events displayed in the notification feed


  • User Added

  • User Removed

  • User Profile Updated

  • Profile Added

  • Profile added via the form

  • Profile Archived

  • Status Added/Updated/Removed

  • Tag Added/Updated/Removed

  • Job Profile Added/Updated/Removed


  • Name Changed

  • Bio Information Changed (position, company, location, Industry)

  • Talent Badge Added/Removed

  • Social Network Link Added/Updated/Removed

  • Contact Information Added/Updated/Removed (Phone number, IM account, Web Site, Email)

  • Document Uploaded/Deleted

  • Comment Added/Deleted

  • Tag Added/Removed

  • Job Profile Added/Removed

  • Status Changed

  • Assignment Added/Changed

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