Generally speaking Hello Talent is built for managing your proactive recruitment efforts by storing profiles of passive candidates (people who aren't actively looking for a new job).

However, there may be circumstances where you want people to be able to actively submit profiles to a talent pool. For these instances Hello Talent offers a candidate profile form. This form can be used for job openings on your company website, quick sign ups at career fairs, employee referrals, and more.

Note: Premium users have the ability to create multiple application forms for a single talent pool.

How to Create a Form

Go to the pool and click Manage.

The pool management page appears. Click on Opportunities > Create an Application Form to display the editor.


This screen shows you what content will appear in the iFrame (this is a web term for a page that appears within a page) relating to submitting a profile to the talent community.

For the fields available you have the option to:

  • Enter your own display text

  • Determine if the field will be displayed

  • Determine if the field is mandatory or not

You can enter your own text for the terms and conditions checkbox and the text displayed in the submit button.

Once you have done this, you can:

  • Activate the "Apply with LinkedIn" Button option.

  • Activate a Captcha to help avoid fake profiles and spam created by bots

  • Enter the message to be displayed when you have successfully created the profile in Hello Talent.

  • Enter any static legal text to be displayed at the bottom of the form.

Click Save.

You can now edit the tracking section : define status, tags, etc.


Click on Save.

NOTE: This is a live form you can use to test the display and behavior of your form.

How to Integrate a Form

The integration of a Hello Talent form is done using an iFrame. The iFrame code you need to use is located here:

To insert this iFrame into your website you will need to copy and paste this code into your site's code. If you are not your own site administrator we highly recommend working with the person who is to implement this iFrame.

You can adjust your iFrame by using the following attributes to your iFrame element:

  • height

  • width

  • frameborder


<iframe width="800" height="550" frameborder="0" src="">

Here is an example of a form embedded in a web site:

You also have the option to simply cut and paste the URL to the iFrame without incorporating it into a website. Just keep in mind that this will not be branded or include any extra visuals.

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