Hello Talent features in-app notifications that highlight activities taking place within talent pools that you are a member of. Each time someone joins a pool or adds a profile, a notification will appear in the bell symbol in the top corner of your screen.

Hello Talent also offers the option to have email notifications sent to you.

You can get notifications in your inbox when:

  • A new member joins one of your pools

  • A new member leaves one of your pools

  • If you have been nominated as a manager

  • A new profile is added to one of my pools

  • You have been assigned a profile

  • A member has changed the status of a profile

You can activate or deactivate any of these notifications at any time within you settings.

To see your notification settings

Click your name then select Profile.


Then select Notifications :


To subscribe or unsubscribe to notification emails

To subscribe or unsubscribe to an email notification, just click it. Green indicates the notification is active and gray indicates the notification is turned off.

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