Hello Talent is built around the concept of Pools. Pools are where you store profiles of (potential) candidates. You can create pools based on jobs, skillsets, clients, or anything else that fits your needs.

On the left side of each pool you can see a list of all the profiles found in that pool. There is no limit to the number of profiles you can add.

In the center you see an overview of the candidate you have selected in the column on the left. Here you can add and update their information as needed.

You can always add more pools. To do so just click on the name of the current pool in the top left corner and select the "add pool" option.

When you first create a new pool it will be empty.

To fill a pool you can click the green add button, or you can install the Chrome, Edge, or Firefox extension that allows you to add profiles of people you find on other websites. Just click it and you will then be able to capture their basic information and store them in your pools.

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