What type of Pool should I choose?

  • I want to share my talent pool with all my recruiting team.
    Open pools can be followed by any teammate in your recruiting team.

  • I want to build a talent pool that only me and specific colleagues can access.
    Private pools can be accessed by specific invited users. Private Talent pools are hidden from other teammates.


How to access an existing Talent Pool?

Teammates can access pools by clicking “Join” or being invited to the pool.

How to share a Talent Pool?

To invite teammates to join your pool just click the Invite button. You'll then need to type in the email addresses, you can include a personalized message.

The invited teammate will receive an email notification as well as one within Hello Talent.

How to delete a Talent Pool?

Teammates and administrators can delete a pool they manage or have created.

To delete a pool, click on Manage and Delete Talent Pool.

When you delete a pool all profiles, tags, comments, etc. contained in that pool will be permanently deleted from Hello Talent. Other members of the pool will no longer have access either.

This action is permanent. You will NOT be able to go back and recuperate your pool later.

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